Does your unique career or public status make it hard for you to find a safe space to process your private life? Do you ever wonder why you have a great career or elite lifestyle but still find yourself unfulfilled?  Perhaps you're at a place in life where you don't want to settle or you want to explore patterns that keep you dissatisfied.  Regardless of your season of life, Perry Psychological & Consultation Services is for you. 

I founded my practice with a mission to help you:

-Think about restricting elements in your life... 

-Nurture the environment of your heart so you can Grow into change…

-And Live! 

I am a relatable professional who understands that certain positions in life mean emotional outlets may be limited or have dire consequences. Discreetly serving my patients, I am a warm and inviting psychologist who offers professional expertise with a personal touch to help you develop a balanced and more meaningful life. 


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Get to know Dr. Perry

~Born & raised…Great State of Texas

~Favorite food…Tex-Mex

~What my first name means…”With Grace”

~Secret career crushes…Forensic psychologist & Commercial pilot

~I hope…everyone finds his/her purpose.

~My favorite “super” power…wisdom

~I enjoy…crafting home décor

~Life Scripture…Isaiah 61:1


I offer individual/couples therapy, clinical consultation, and speaking services. 

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In this space, you will find thought-provoking writings to reflect on in the quiet moments of your busy life.